PGSQL Phriday is a monthly blogging event that’s hosted by members of the PostgreSQL community, modeled after the long-running T-SQL Tuesday event that’s been run by the SQL Server community.

The idea was also inspired by the State of PostgreSQL Survey, which is hosted by Timescale each year. In the 2022 survey results, “long-form” and “short-form” blog posts were the second and third most popular source of information for all respondents. It’s clear that PostgreSQL users love good blog content, and we think providing more opportunities for members of the community to contribute content helps the community as a whole.

Currently, this website simply serves as a common “aggregator” for all PGSQL Phriday invitations and the summary posts created by each host.

For questions or to claim the hosting duties for an upcoming month, please reach out to Ryan Booz on Twitter or in the PostgreSQL Slack forum #pgsqlphriday channel.