PGSQL Phriday is meant to be an encouraging community event. The rules stated below are simply meant to provide a framework to have fun together, grow the community, and encourage knowledge sharing! They are subject to change, but are intentionally limited to make participation easy.

Rules of engagement


PGSQL Phriday is held on the second Friday of each month. The host announces a topic at least one week in advance to get community members time to contribute a post and then, ideally, everyone publishes their post on the second Friday of the month for increased impact – ie. “power in numbers.”

Hosting and Contributing

There are two parts to running the blog event each month. Someone has to host it and bloggers have to contribute posts! Each party has a limited set of rules (again, subject to change).

The Host

  1. Host blogs are encouraged to “syndicate” through Planet PostgreSQL. If you haven’t tried yet, follow the process a few weeks ahead of time. If it’s not syndicated, no worries. Planet PostgreSQL is followed by a lot of people, so it’s an easy way to get the invitation out there. But don’t let syndication stop you from hosting. (see #3 below)
  2. Choose the topic for the month and write a short invitation blog post about it. (example here, starting with “Your mission, should you choose to accept it”)
  3. At least one week ahead of time (eg. the first Friday of the month), publish your invite blog post.
  4. Publicize your invitation post in as many channels as possible. The goal is to get the word out and for people to participate. Planet PostgreSQL is a great way to do this, but other places you can announce it on include: Twitter/X, PostgreSQL Slack #pgsqlphriday channel, and the `pgsql-general` email list. Use the #pgsqlphriday hashtag wherever you post.
  5. Within a few days of the monthly blog event (~the following Monday or Tuesday), compile links and brief reviews of the “submissions” and post the summary to your blog (example).
  6. Try to help find a new volunteer to host an upcoming month. Any empty spot on the calendar can be selected!


  1. For the best audience reach, work to get your blog listed at Planet Postgres before posting your first PostgreSQL blog. Ensure your PostgreSQL blog adheres to the policies and then follow these steps.
  2. Use “PGSQL Phriday #001”/”#PGSQLPhriday 001” in the title or first paragraph of your blog post. (the number will change each month)
  3. Link back to this invite. (ie. “For #PGSQLPhriday 001, Ryan asked us to…”). If you don’t link back to the invite, you won’t be included in the summary list of blog posts.
  4. Post your blog any time on the second Friday of the month (and don’t forget that linkback!)
  5. Announce your blog post in at least one of the following places:
  6. Read other blog post contributions and encourage the authors. Remember, the goal is to increase community involvement and knowledge sharing

And that’s it! Really, the goal is to increase participation, spread our collective experience, and build connections within the community!