PGSQL Phriday #004

Invitation blog post by Henrietta Dombrovskaya and summary post of all submissions

Quick aside from Ryan: In my opinion Hettie picked the perfect topic for the start of a new year! Please read the full invitation post linked above (it’s a great read!) and then contribute a post this month! We all have something to share and learn about more effectively managing and learning PostgreSQL!

Now that I have expressed my frustration, here is what I would love to hear from other people in the World of PostgreSQL:

  • Do you have any of your own scripts which make your life as a DBA/Database developer/consultant easier? What do they do? Do you share them with others, or are they hidden in your secret toolbox?
  • Do you store your SQL code in GitHub (except when your company requires it)?
  • Do you use pgTAP? Do you think it’s a good practice to have pgTAP tests in your repo, or does it not add value? 
  • There are many “scripts” to do all sorts of things in PostgreSQL that are stored everywhere and nowhere specifically (like the abovementioned bloat scripts, lists of unused indexes, you name it). Do you think they should be a part of the PostgreSQL official documentation and re-verified for each new major version?
  • Did you ever have (frustrating) interactions with application developers? Did they end with some truce?
  • Anything else related to that topic you would like to share?