PGSQL Phriday #011

Invitation from Tomasz Gintowt

We’re a little behind on the invitation this month, so there will certainly be some wiggle room for posting responses over the weekend into Monday. Remember, this is all volunteer work. 😉

Tomasz is a new PostgreSQL friend for me and I love the topic he’s picked: Partitioning vs. Sharding. There are so many approaches in the PostgreSQL community around how to effectively and efficiently keep data light and accessible, including different approaches in various PostgreSQL extensions and database-related projects.

Let’s see how all of you approach this important data management tool!

The challenge from Tomasz

I’ve spent last few months on digging into partitioning and I believe it’s natural step when our database is growing. At some point you have to realize that single table it’s not enough for you. What we can do ? Lets use partition or sharding. Many developers still don’t know the difference, use these word interchangeably. I’d like to make a PostgreSQL word a little bit better and share knowledge about partitions and shards.

Let’s put some light on difference between these two concepts. Please focus on:

  • difference between architecture
  • what business problem are you trying to solve
  • performance tips
  • how tables should be designed ( relations, primary keys, FK etc)
  • best practices

Go look at the post and start working on your responses! When you do, ensure you tag #PGSQLPhriday on one of the social platforms so that it gets noticed.