PGSQL Phriday #013

Invitation from Chris Ellis

I first met Chris in Brussels for the FOSDEM PGDay, even though we had known each other virtually for a bit. He seems to be everywhere all at once with PostgreSQL stuff right now, including the design of some amazing little LED pins for PGDay.UK a few weeks ago.

Chris has enthusiastically stepped this month at short notice to provide the invitation below. I think it’s a perfect topic! I know I always learn best from the real-world experiences of others!

Usecases and Why PostgreSQL

On Friday, October 6th 2023, publish a post on your blog telling a story about what you (or your team, client) built with PostgreSQL and how PostgreSQL helped you deliver.

I’d love to read about the weird and varied things that people are using PostgreSQL for. If you think your usecase is boring, I’m sure it will be of use to someone. Plus you can always focus more on the story and how PostgreSQL helped to deliver a project, or could have, or didn’t!

  • Did things like: Full Text Search, JSONB, PostGIS, etc enable you to build a better application
  • Did using PostgreSQL remove the need for other dependencies, or change your approach
  • Did you learn some SQL which made you realise stuff has moved along alot since SQL92

Maybe it was that disaster of a project where in hindsight using PostgreSQL would have been a winner. Or maybe PostgreSQL hindered you, so let’s hear about what went wrong.

I’d like to see people focus on telling some real world, practical examples of where PostgreSQL shined like a crazy diamond.

Read the invitation blog and get writing!!